Ircle rule#1...don't close the window called "console"

Open Ircle...under Windows in the menu bar, select "Connections"

Select the first line in that window and click on the "Server" button at the bottom of that'll get this long list, but we ain't on it, on "add"...type in "" (without the quotes) and hit return (the rest is fine in that window)

Then go back to the connections window and click on "edit"...and type your "nick" which will be how your name shows up.

Then in that "connection" on the button that says "Connect"...once you are ON the server (you'll get a little welcome message), you'll want to type "/join #Sapphos" (without the quotes) to enter the chat room.

There are more things to get set up, but this gets you out there, and people can help you configure Ircle better once you are there.

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