Chatting on QWorld Using WebTV

QWorld is a chat server which is home to a small yet growing number of WebTV users. This page will concentrate on the basics of getting you onto the server and getting you started chatting. Once you are there, I'm sure you will find that the people are very friendly and will be more than willing to answer any questions you may have and help you learn the finer points of chat.

Step by step instructions:

Begin at your WebTV homepage.

Click Community.

Then click Goto which is located on the sidebar to the left

You will be presented with 3 boxes:

In the first blank box type the server address:

The second box is for the port number. It should read 6667. Type this number in if it isn't already there.

In the third box you may type the name of the room (aka channel) that you wish to enter or you may simply leave it blank. Leaving this box blank will bring up a list of rooms on the server which you can choose from.

Click the Button at the bottom to enter QWorld!!

Once you have joined a chat:
You will notice the conversation scrolling from the bottom to the top on your screen. It is easy to tell the participants apart by their "nicks" which appear in brackets preceding their statements.

Your nick will be whatever appears before the @ symbol in your WebTV user e-mail address. In the future, it may be possible to change your nick without affecting your WebTV account but, for now, the only way to change your nick is to create a new user name on your WebTV account.

To contribute to the conversation, simply type what you would like to say into the textbox provided and then hit "enter". It's as simple as that! See you there!

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