How to Setup mIRC

mIRC is a stand alone chat client. What this means is that you only need to be connected to your IP to get it to work. Once you have downloaded and installed the software, go ahead and open the program up. The setup screen is where we need to be to get you up and running. Click ADD on the setup screen. A smaller screen will come up that says "mIRC edit server".
In description, type: Qworld
In IRC Server, type:
In Port, type: 6667
This is all you need to fill now click OK
This will bring you back to the main setup screen where all thats left to do is to fill in your personal information. Some folks put their real names in the "full name" area, some folks put their screen name they use in chat there. Either way is fine. Fill in your email address or, if you wish not to share that, make something up. Folks do that all the time . Now is the fun part...time to pick a screen name/nickname to use in the chat rooms. Some folks use their real name, some have fun names. However, our chat server does not allow characters like "_" or "`", so make sure it is a "plain" nick. Mine is Pary, which is short for my full screen name Parymdk. Whichever you choose to do, make it original ok?
And that, my friends is how to get it set up. But now it is time to get you up and chatting :) To do that, click on "connect to IRC server" (but make sure Qworld is the highlighted server) Once you are on the server there are a few simple commands you can use to find out things. There will be a "status" window that shows when you are connected. In that window you can type
/users This will tell you ALL the names of the folks on the server
/list This will list all the rooms on the server
/join #roomname This will let you join the room you wish to join
/msg nickname This will let you do a private message of one of the folks on the server.
Some of the permenant rooms on the server are
#Sapphos The main rooms for Lesbians, but all are welcome.
#rainbowRoom The main Topic Chat Room
#GayBistro The main chat room for Gays, but all are welcome
$GenHaven The room for transgendered and their friends.
Of course there are other rooms to visit, and you can make your own room if you like. To do that, just type /join #roomname, where roomname is the name you would like the room to be.

Well, those are a few of the basic commands you will need to get started. Once you are on the server, there are folks who will answer your questions. Anyone with QW after their screen name is a host on the server and they are more then willing to help you. Hope this page helped you get going!