770 Oceanwalk - gay-themed on-line serial set on Fire Island.

4th Dublin Lesbian and Gay Film Festival

Alice Otter Music - Alice Di Micele's page, featuring a listening booth where you can listen to samples from recordings, or join her mailing list. You'll need a sound application to hear the samples, which you can download here.

All Out Arts

Amazon Art - lesbian art, poetry and pictures done by people both famous and infamous...

Angel Web - a page devoted to gay creativity

Ani Difranco - home pages of the rad punk/folk singer.

Annie Sprinkle's Home Page - "This one speaks for itself!"

ArtGroup - ArtGroup for Lesbian and Gay Artists is for creative people of all disciplines and backgrounds for education, inspiration, motivation, support and networking and to find creative venues for expression and creativity.

The Art of G. Myrick

Brian Lee Emler's Boy Wonder Universe - This is the Official web universe for the world's ONLY gay Christian superhero comedian, Bryan Lee Emler! Site includes message board, bio, tour schedule, and booking information.

The Celluloid Cupboard - dedicated to gay cinema and its stars.

Chantal Chamberland - singer-songwriter.

The Chatter - Gay-Friendly Chat Box using Netscape.

Chicklet's World - Check out this crazy Drag Queen!

Curt's Queer, Camp & Kitsch Clicks

Dar -- The Guardian - A fictional serial about a female warrior.

David MacLean, Gay Comedian

The Derivative Duo - The Derivative Duo sing feminist opera parodies about things such as P.M.S., gays in the military and the coming out experience.

Donna Riley's Queer Stuff - Queer symbols & etymology explained, Biblical comebacks, and more.

Ezekiel Krahlin's Home Page for our Hellenic Family

Gay Daze - Gay Daze is a unique gay & lesbian soap opera set in L.A.

Gay Graphic Designer's Page - software links and picks, more.

Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses

Gay and Lesbian Star Trek Page Gay TV Listings - Listing GLBT-themed broadcasts. [USA]

GAYMES.com - The Alternate On-line Game Show! Interactive trivia, games, puzzles, gay history, cartoons and other diverse, fun attractions, designed by and for members of the GLBT community. All game contributors are volunteer, the prizes are donated by internet retailers and the games are free.

Gay Sailor Moon Characters

Gay Sway

Gillian Gordon- lesbian artist and songrwiter.

Gillyboo's Gay Graphics - your one-stop shopping place on the internet for GLBT graphics. Stop by for a free .gif... or .jpg to show your pride.

Guerilla Girls - Guerrilla Girls proclaim internet too pale, too male! Cool posters.

Hangin' OUT - worldwide interactive talkshow for gay men, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people. RealAudio.

HERSTORY - Lesbians in the Visual Arts.

HIMagery Gallery

House of Coz

House of Diabolique - Spotlights a new and classic dance song each week, also inducts celebrities as honorary members. ROFL! Go see!

In a Different Light - G/L art exhibit.

In My Dreams - the art of Margaret Graham.

Isle of Lesbos- A place of art, culture, and learning, for women-oriented women. Contains sections on lesbian poetry, lesbian images in classic art, links of lesbian interest, and lesbian quotations.

Jane's World - Comics and other cool stuff from Paige Braddock.

Kim French and Az-U-R

Kyle's Bed and Breakfast - a comic strip about a gay B&B featuring a fun cast of hunky gay guys.

Ladyslipper Music - Lesbian, feminist and women's music, non-sexist men's music and gay men's music of all genres. A complete catalog is now on-line with over 1500 descriptions of titles, 1300 sound clips, graphics, artist pages and on-line ordering.

Lambda Sci-Fi - a science fiction, fantasy and horror fan organization for glbt fans and their friends.

LVA - Lesbians in the Visual Arts.

MaxCity - Political satire, demented serials, classic Hollywood shtick. "Now Barrabas was a publisher!" - Lord Byron

Meowjin:Drawings - Contemporary sex; 30 Drawings of Lesbian Desire

Nerd World Media - Nerd World's Gay & Lesbian-related links.

Peppermint Patty's Playhouse - Tons of links, not all gay.

Philipa's Problem Pages - Got a problem? Tell Philippa! This site is not exclusively gay oriented, but includes Gay and Trans sections.. and a healthy dose of wisdom and humor.

PLUTO - People Like Us Talking Online

Pride Musicians - your complete network of gay and lesbian musicians.

Queer Iconography

Queer Nation - all gay, all day superheroic soap opera satire. Rated R

Qtv - Queer Television of Santa Cruz.

Shelley Abbott - singer, musician, songwriter and more. Check out her music here!

Small D.O.G. - Laura Bowly's site. Check out her music, politics, humor and links.

STEREO-TYPE - Atlantic Records' Gay and Lesbian Page.

such is LIFE - gay comic strip courtesy of Earl Storm. Syndicated in ten national gay/lesbian publications and right here on the web.

Violet Letters - A directory and guide to poetry and other verse by women about women loving women. Each entry features a link to the poem and contact information or a biography of the author. With particular emphasis on women writers of colour, historical figures, non-traditional forms including prose poems and songs, women who may not self-identify as lesbian / bisexual, and multimedia presentation

Wavelengths Online - online review journal of science fiction, fantasy and horror works of special interest to gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgendered people.

Winnie Cooper's Pantyhose Links - everything from pantyhose to nominations for most annoying celebrity. This page is too funny to skip!

Wolfe Video - Gay & Lesbian-themed videos.

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