A Dyke's World - a starting point with links to many other pages of interest to lesbians

Beverly's Home Page

BJ and Teri's

Chicago Lesbian World

Chris' Page - great home page!

Classic Dykes Online - Resources for lesbians in midlife and beyond.

Clit Here - a friendly space for lesbian expression and bad puns on the www.

Denise's Place - Where every lesbian can be herself.

Dyke Nation - a meeting place for lesbians.


Firefly's Jar and Madame Lesbo's Psych-O-Rama - FireflyQW's Home Page, featuring Horrorscopes by Madame Lesbo. See what Madame Lesbo really looks like!

FishySisters - FishySisters is an email group for lesbians in DC, Maryland, and Virginia who want to meet other local lesbians. FishySisters is a fun way to meet other local lesbians on-line with a potential to meet r/t to form new friendships. Many of our fishies have met and at any given time the pond is hopping with news of events, gossip, chat, jokes, poetry, parties, meetings, softball, picnics, military stuff, and of course, flirting.

For the Touch of Her Lips Against Mine...

Funky Diva - L'Femme Magnifique, GothicChick Homepage.


GeekGoddess - Women in technology, and lots of resources also for the GLBT community, especially lesbians.

Gillian Gordon


GirlDates - A progressive site for lesbians with advice for online dating. Offers dedications and a collection of literary contributions.

Groovy Annie's - a place for Canadian lesbians and their friends. Lots of links.

Hothead Paisan's Black Leather Page

ICQ Lesbians Online Webring

The Isle of Lesbos, Home of Sappho

Jo's Advice Column

Lady's Home Page - Femmolina, aka LadyinVa's home page.

Lady Love - In celebration of love...

Lesbian Disabled Veterans of America

Lesbian.org -dedicated to promoting lesbian visibility on the web

Lesbian Mothers Support Society


LOIS- Lesbians Organising in Solidarity

Lipstick Lesbian Webring


Melysa's Wonderful World of Womyn

Miss Lesbian Beauty 2000 - z

The Most Comprehensive Collection of Lesbian Links - links for lesbian women of colour.

My Family


Only Enough to Ignite: Some Unavoidable Adventures in Lesbian Flirtation

OrthoDykes - a home on the internet for Orthodox Jewish lesbians.

Planet Butzgy - Michelle Butzgy's Home Page.

Ranebow's Pot O Gold

Rainbows from Rainyday

Red Dot Girls - a Seattle-based elder Lesbian initiative. Our mission: To identify the concerns of the 40-plus lesbian community; to seek solutions to these concerns through community development; and to develop the organizational capacity to implement these solutions.

SACWN - Sacramento Area Career Women's Network. Lesbian social and networking resources, including WebChat.

The Sapphic Universe

Sappho Central

Serena's Cyber Page

Serena's Site

Shadow and Jana's Corner

She Cards - free e-postcards for women, from women.

Site X636 - lesbian site in French.

SwadePages - Lots of stuff to browse, links.

Tiger and Bear's Home Page

TNT's Hideout - LeTanya's home page.

Toni's Cyber World

Under the Couch!! with Kimberly - home page with stories, humor.

Women to Women

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