Boy2Boy - dedicated to helping youth commit to safe sexual practices.

Elight - a zine by and for gay youth and young adults.

Gay Teen PenPal Connection - Meet and communicate with queer teens from everywhere!

Gay Teens, U.K.

Gay Youth Site - Dedicated to those teens who lost the struggle and preventing the loss of more. A Virtual Safe Zone site where glbt youth can get information and talk with others in a supportive and caring environment.

Oasis Magazine - online 'zine for lesbigay youth.

OUTreach - OUTREACH is an online internet project for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transexual, queer and not-so-straight youth! OUTREACH focusses on issues and problems which commonly face "different" kids - whatever the label. OUTREACH is about support and making connections. OUTREACH has a strong Australian focus, but OUTREACH speaks with a universal voice.

QYtv - Queer Youth Television of Santa Cruz.

Rainbow Youth Links

Tiger and Bear's Teen Shack - resources for les/bi/gay/trans teens.

We Are Family - We Are Family is a voice of informed straight and gay people who who have chosen to love and support our gay relatives and friends by working to spread truth about homosexuality. Our focus is on young people because they generally feel so desperately alone.

Youth.Org - Providing a place for GBL Youth.

Our Youth

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