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Welcome to QWorld's chat channels! Our hosts can be identified by their nicknames which end in QW. For the ease and enjoyment of our area, please be advised that we do not tolerate impersonation of staff: anyone found to be using a nickname which includes QW who is NOT on the QWorld staff will be kicked off the channel. Thanks for your cooperation!

We are committed to maintaining a safe and comfortable area for all users. Please join us in upholding our QWorld Community Standards:

1) We don't tolerate harassment.

Everyone is welcome in our area and encouraged to exchange ideas and views. We don't allow abusive behavior in any form, and will not tolerate hatred or bigotry in our community. At the same time, we also ask that you refrain from sexually explicit discussion and material because of the potential of this content to detract from the safety and comfort of our visitors.

2) We don't allow illegal activities.

Please don't use our area to conduct illegal business. We don't tolerate threats of harm or distribution of copyrighted or trademark-protected materials without the express permission of the holder of the copyright.

3) We encourage you to help us keep QWorld free of disruptive behavior. Please work with our channel operators to keep QWorld a place all of us can enjoy each time we visit.


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