Each of the images on this page is a link to other worlds. You are cordially invited to explore the wealth of knowledge available on the Net and to browse through various online book stores, haunts, et al. We trust you shall enjoy what is collected here ... and that you will share some of your own favorite niches with us.

The beginning is almost always exciting ...the middle ... a transition ... the end ... always uncertain ... often unknown ...

can you imagine a world with no choices??? do you envision a time long gone brought to life??? is history accurate ... or is there a hidden agenda??? poetry ... prose ... would you care to share??? fine dining or too much press??? raves??? QueeReads ... definintely not just another book club.

Hosted by no5sQW and TopHatQW. Please join our lively discussions about the many interesting aspects of "the arts". Feel free to share your discoveries ... to make suggestions. All are welcomed.

A virtual cafe for the arts. QueeReads meets Monday nights, Art CurrentZ on Wednesday nights, and The Painted Word Cafe on Thursday and Friday nights for broad disccussions on various aspects of The Arts. Please see the chat schedule and the message boards for details and come join us in #TheBasement.

1-Year Anniversary
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