Welcome to

The Castle of Lady Laura


Welcome to my Castle!

I am the lady of the castle... My children and I are quite happy here even tho the castle is quite drafty. You know you can never keep those cyber-winds from getting thru the cracks.

About Me

I am a Mercenary creature, and work strictly to give my children the best that I can offer them. I am currently between jobs, and have done everything between being an hairstylist (12 years), secretary, newspaper carrier, and stain glass creations and sales.

Personal History
I have 5 brothers and sisters, to whom I feel more like a mother than a sister.

Favorite Sites on the World Wide Web

The Page at Pooh Corner
The X-Files Homepage
Weird but fun trivia game
Rocky Horror page...(Of Course)
Matrix Space Interactive (astrology, tarot, etc.)

Why am I interested in IRC, WWW, and the Internet.

When I moved to Pennsylvania a year ago, I felt really isolated and lonely,,,IRC gave me a lifeline...kept me sane, and got me totally addicted...damn it...LOL! The people here are totally great, and caring.
The coolest IRC site on the WWW is Qworld. If you already have an IRC program loaded on your computer, point your Browser to http://www.qworld.org.

Thank you for stopping by my homepage, I am glad you took the time stop by and learn alittle bit about me. Send comments and mail to:
Lady Laura's Mail Box

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