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Adding Your GIF/JPEG to Your Posts

The default setting is a rainbow graphic for all posts. To change this:

1) You MUST be logged onto QWorld's server to change the graphic as your graphic will be stored there.

2) You will need a GIF or JPEG format picture and the WebClip utility, which is available from the Message Boards Preferences area. To obtain a copy of WebClip:
A: Login to the Message Boards as you normally would.
C: Scroll down until you reach the YOUR PICTURE preference and select the HELP IS AVAILABLE link.
D: From this link, you can download the Macintosh or IBM/PC Version appropriate for your computer.
NOTE: You will need to decode WebClip after downloading it. You can download a decompression/decoding utility from QWorld's QFiles.
3) Once you have downloaded & decoded WebClip, you are ready to begin.

4) Return to your PREFERENCES on the Message Boards.

5) Run WebClip and open your GIF or JPEG. WebClip will inform you that the image has been copied onto the clipboard.

NOTE: The limit for graphics is 10k. If the original file exceeds this limit, WebClip will not accept it. As a courtesy to other users, please keep your graphic within 50x50 pixels and under 3k.

6) Return to Netscape and click in the YOUR PICTURE text box, then PASTE the graphic in.

7) After pasting, the graphic will show up as text within the box. This is normal. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select SET PREFERENCES.

8) Login and, provided you have performed these steps correctly, you will be shown your preferences, complete with your graphic.

9) Hit the boards and have a blast! ;D

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